Director, and former UNM Lobo standout, Johnny Kowalski offers you a world class tennis and fitness program geared to help your child become the best player he or she can be. LPTA’s high quality staff of tennis professionals is dedicated to helping your child improve both on and off the court.

LPTA offers a very diverse training routine geared to the individual needs of the players based on their daily, and weekly progress. Our goal is to get a little better every single day, no steps backward.

The Academy is a high intensity academy that trains athletes who aim at playing tennis competitively. We use hand feeding to isolate areas the player needs to improve on, racket feeding to simulate match-like variables of spin, pace, height, depth and shot selection, and live ball drilling with other players and coaches to teach simple controls, point situations and simulated point or matchplay, which all lead to problem solving in matches. All of our training is geared to both singles and doubles, however, at LPTA we put a special emphasis on doubles. At the college level doubles is extremely important to the success of the team and unfortunately for the juniors of this country it’s a dying art that gets neglected far too often when training.

To go along with our world class on court structure, we provide a tournament ready fitness schedule that improves agility, balance, coordination, speed, cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Mental Skills Training will play a vital role too. Some of our coaches bring degrees in psychology that will support and train athletes in the mental aspects of the game. It is an integrated part of our training system and takes a pro-active, strengthening approach.

The Academy is suited for the graduating players of the development program and for athletes who want to compete competitively at the local, regional, national and international level.

Players should aim to have fun, be willing to compete on a frequent basis (The USTA recommends at least two tournaments per month), and be willing to compete in a team atmosphere. LPTA follows the school year schedule beginning in mid-August and runs through the end of May.